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About Nick

“Nonprofits are not only mission deliverers, nonprofits are media platforms themselves. People go to them to consume information. Organizations and corporations want to be aligned with them. There’s massive value in that.”
Nick Lynch

Greetings! I’m Nick Lynch, a dedicated expert in social impact innovation. The quote above is from one of my enlightening discussions on the We Are For Good podcast, where I shared the concept of nonprofits acting like media companies.

As a fervent advocate for nonprofits, my expertise spans across three pivotal domains: influencer marketing tailored for nonprofits, the strategic utilization of data and analytics in the nonprofit sector, and the cultivation of impactful corporate partnerships. This triad forms the cornerstone of my philanthropic focus, enabling me to drive tangible, positive change in the world.

It has never been a better time to be in the impact space. Though change has led to positive outcomes, there remain lots of confusion about the part technology plays in impact. While technology remains an integral part of my expertise, my focus is unwaveringly centered on people and their process for delivering impact. My mission involves deciphering the evolving landscape and discerning which tactical and technological advancements are transformative and which are mere distractions. Through this discernment, I’m committed to developing compelling presentations and strategies that propel impact-centered companies and nonprofits toward sustainable growth.

March 2024 holds an exciting milestone for me as I’m eagerly anticipating the release of my debut book. The book is an exploration of an impactful philosophy I’ve coined as the “SPH model”. The model serves as a guiding framework that empowers impact-driven organizations to curate transformative social moments, foster mutually beneficial partnerships, and amplify the humanity in their mission.

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Impact Perspectives

“We are intent on lifting the sails of all and being a beacon of hope.”
Jonathan McCoy, CFRE

The momentum of change is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Consumer behaviors, donor expectations, and philanthropy demographics are morphing right in front of us.

In today’s dynamic landscape, the most impactful impact organizations exhibit a remarkable willingness to challenge conventions. These forward-looking organizations anchor themselves in fresh paradigms, daring to disrupt the status quo. Yet, their innovation stems not from clinging to outdated models, but from embracing the emerging frontiers.

Imagine crafting your nonprofit, division, team, or personal journey anew in the present context. By reimagining rather than merely reorganizing, you infuse vitality into possibilities.

Now is the opportune moment for a profound reassessment of our standard operating procedures. The future requires a digital and cultural metamorphosis, to tackle the landscape of opportunities head on. The urgency to effect substantial change becomes our driving force. This is precisely the mission I am committed to undertaking.


Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”
Theodore Levitt

The pandemic created an environment for creative problem solving. Allowing the space for new operating models as well as accelerating the adoption of new tactics and technology. Now is the opportunity of exploration and expansion for collective growth.

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Impact Perspectives

“Meet your audience in the space that works for them.”
Nick Lynch

Nick is frequently featured in Forbes, has managed over $100m in media and marketing spend, and appeared on hundreds of podcasts, conference panels, and workshops, and virtual talks.

To ensure the most relevant content, he collaborates with event producers and organizers. This is to ensure the most relevant and compelling content for every audience.

See below for more on Nick’s latest and most in demand presentations.

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“The Impact Algorithm”

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